Event Spaces

Whatever the occasion, events at CO3 will prove to be Insta-worthy ones!

Red Dot Campus
Where boring meetings can turn into fun discussions, and is versatile enough to suit anything from simple potluck gatherings to casual talks.

Capacity: Max 100
Price: RM 2,000 / 8 Hours
Mafia Room + Wine Lounge
Thinking of the perfect place to launch that luxury watch? Or want to hold a wine-tasting night? This luxurious space is curated for the most exclusive of occasions.

Capacity: 50
Price: RM 2,000 / 8 Hours
Green Deck
The perfect open area seating located at the Public Zone of CO3.

Capacity: 80
Price: RM 2,000 / 8 Hours
Highland Room
The all-time favourite choice for seminars, workshops, and more.

Capacity: Max 40
Price: RM 700 / 4 Hours
Wine Lounge
Perfect for simply classy events, best paired with the Mafia Room.

Capacity: Max 40
Price: RM 1,500 / 8 Hours
New Wing Main Hall
The cozy space perfect for your gathering session.

Capacity: Max 60
Price: RM 2,000 / 8 Hours

Meeting Rooms

Meetings don’t have to be boring, rock that presentation or dream up wild ideas with a fun team-building/brainstorming session in our variety of meeting rooms!

Hard Rock Room
Capacity: 15
Price: RM 300 / 2 hours
Coral Room
Capacity: 10
Price: RM 300 / 2 Hours
Forest Room
Capacity: 8
Price: RM 200 / 2 Hours
Windy Room
Capacity: 5
Price: RM 200 / 2 Hours
Sunshine Room
Capacity: 4
Price: RM 100 / 2 Hours

Creative Zone

The best of hardware for all your creative needs!

Tech Hub
Don’t mind some extra screen space for work or even gaming with an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, and the best desktop speakers you can find on the market? Just plug in your laptop and get productive.
Capacity: 2
CO3 Member: RM20 / 2Hours
Public: RM40 / 2Hours
Recording Studio
Whether it’s recording a voiceover, doing a podcast, or even working on your next hit, the Recording Studio is not something you find in your average office.
Capacity: 3
CO3 Member: RM40 / 2Hours
Public: RM60 / 2Hours
iMac Pro Editing Hub
Video editing, 3D modelling, photo editing… it’s all a breeze with the best that Apple has to offer right now.
Capacity: 2
CO3 Member: RM30 / 2Hours
Public: RM50 / 2Hours
*COMING SOON* Windows Editing Hub
All the computing power you'll need.
Capacity: 2
CO3 Member: RM 30 / 2Hours
Public: RM50 / 2Hours

Play Decks

Unwind from work with all the fun and entertainment you could ask for!

Nintendo Switch Zone
Try your hand at the super fun (and most of the time) hilarious games, like milking a cow on the Nintendo Switch console.

Capacity: 6
CO3 Member: RM30 -or- 1x Day Pass / Hour
Public: RM60 / Hour
Sony Game Zone
Get lost in a game of VR, or challenge your coworkers to FIFA on the Sony PlayStation 4.

Capacity: 6
CO3 Member: RM30 -or- 1x Day Pass / Hour
Public: RM60 / Hour

Best Experienced in Person

Whether you need the best hardware to get productive, Instagrammable event spaces, and inspiring spaces for meetings, we’ve got just the thing for you! 

Book a Tour and let us know what you need, we’ll be more than happy to help!


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