Event Spaces

Whatever the occasion, events at CO3 will prove to be Insta-worthy ones!

Red Dot Campus
Where boring meetings can turn into fun discussions, and is versatile enough to suit anything from simple potluck gatherings to casual talks.

Capacity: Max 50
New Wing Main Hall
The cozy space perfect for your gathering session.

Capacity: Max 30
Green Deck
The perfect open area seating located at the Public Zone of CO3.

Capacity: 60
Wine Lounge
Perfect for simply classy events, best paired with the Mafia Room.

Capacity: Max 40

Meeting Rooms

Meetings don’t have to be boring, rock that presentation or dream up wild ideas with a fun team-building/brainstorming session in our variety of meeting rooms!

Hard Rock Room
Capacity: 10
Coral Room
Capacity: 10
Forest Room
Capacity: 8
Windy Room
Capacity: 5
Sunshine Room
Capacity: 4

Creative Zone

The best of hardware for all your creative needs!

Recording Studio
Whether it’s recording a voiceover, doing a podcast, or even working on your next hit, the Recording Studio is not something you find in your average office.
Capacity: 3
iMac Pro Editing Hub
Video editing, 3D modelling, photo editing… it’s all a breeze with the best that Apple has to offer right now.
Capacity: 2
Windows Editing Hub
All the computing power you'll need.
Capacity: 2

Play Decks

Unwind from work with all the fun and entertainment you could ask for!

Sony Game Zone
Get lost in a game of VR, or challenge your coworkers to FIFA on the Sony PlayStation 4.

Capacity: 6

Best Experienced in Person

Whether you need the best hardware to get productive, Instagrammable event spaces, and inspiring spaces for meetings, we’ve got just the thing for you! 

Book a Tour and let us know what you need, we’ll be more than happy to help!


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