Our Mission

CO3 Social Office is the leading coworking space in Malaysia, co-founded by Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad and a group of Malaysian and Bruneian entrepreneurs.CO3 is built on the core values of COnnectivity, COllaboration, and COmmunity. CO3 believes in a future where everyday poses opportunities to meet new people, taking connections from virtual to physical, forming a community who share the same values of freedom, dignity, and trust. The basis of not just an office or a work space, but a ‘Social Office’.

  • March 2017 - The Work Space for New Generations

    We believe in connecting people to one another, giving the spark to collaboration, and eventually forming a COmmunity built on freedom, dignity, and trust. The basis of not just an office or a work space, but a ‘Social Office’.

  • Why start here.

  • June 2017 - Fly Without Wings

    Without any knowledge and experience, we took the leap and chose to create what we think the future of the office should look like. In just 90 days since we told the world our vision - we built it.
  • We said it, now we’ve done it.

  • December 2017 - Red Dot Campus

    Democratising Ideas, Talents, and Capital.

  • March 2018 - The World’s Most Liveable Work Space

    We admit. Cool is not enough. We want CO3 to BE.LIVEABLE - a space where we be productive and have access to basic needs and higher pursuits, and opportunities to self-development and fulfilment.

  • The BELIVEABLE way of work life balance.

  • 2020 - Be Prepared: Challenge The Unknown

    2020 has been one wild roller coaster ride. Uncertainty is the new normal.

    At CO3, we are committed to help you to prepare the key fundamentals of businesses which is Office Space, Talent and Network.

    Let us lift your weights and support the fundamentals while you have more time and resources to Challenge The Unknown.

Let Us Show You Around

If you think that CO3 is just a place to get work done… You’re so wrong!

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