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I’m Angie Lee, a civil engineer that specializing in coastal hydraulic engineering. I just start-up a water engineering specialist company in Singapore that aim to provide wide-range of hydraulic consultancy services across Asia. The reason I choose CO3 as my working space because it’s best suit my need to expand my business across various countries in Asia (i.e. Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand). With CO3 GROW and passport, I don’t need to worry about my working space, meeting room or even sleeping room whenever I travel abroad for projects. Most importantly, I can enjoy the cross-border co-working space and networking at a very affordable monthly membership fee! Besides providing a comfortable, very presentable and affordable working space to conduct my professional services, CO3 also promoting work-life balance culture in the community that they will frequently organized various fun activities and trips for the member to relax, refresh and recharge from the busy schedule. Love CO3 so much and hope there will be more exciting elements in the CO3 communities!
Angie Lee
Managing Director of iwater Consultancy Pte Ltd
My name is Wing Hong from Launchpad. We are an Inbound Marketing Agency focus on helping B2B and ecommerce companies to grow. The community. Honestly. It's like a family here. We travel, we collaborate, we work all under the same roof. With the benefit from 7 aspects, it brought everyone together and make us feel like home. I couldn't find anything like this anywhere. CO3 showed me what was previously impossible. Work life balance. I've always wanted to build a company where the team love to work at. To do that it requires huge amount of capital. But with CO3, with a minimum cost, I'm able to achieve it. It definitely boost up my team moral, and motivated the team to look forward to work.
Wing Hong CHEN
Founder & CEO of Launchpad Marketing Sdn Bhd
Being a part of a interactive and wonderful community while not limited to work-related experience to an extent. Though currently working as an employee, CO3 as a platform benefits me to get to know more different kinds of opportunities to explore.
Software Developer at Uniweb
I’m Lian Xun from Lava X Technologies Sdn Bhd. We help people to digitalise business by developing customized solution such as mobile app, web, big data and IoT. My team like the ambient and the friendly crews here. Sometime I find it quite happening here not because of just the events but the co3 community. They are fun. One more thing. My colleagues love the pool table a lot! I like the interior and the ambient in co3. It preconditions our teammates for creative works and putting us to work more productively. Besides, the settings of the meeting room is really nice as we have very frequent oversea video conference call with our clients.
Lian Xun
Director of Lava X Technologies Sdn. Bhd.