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Do I have to pay to join the Tour?

No, no need! You can just make a reservation with us for the tour. 

When can I come for the Tour?

Monday to Friday (11AM / 3PM / 5PM), and Saturday (10AM / 1PM). Reservation Basis required. Walk-in available too.

Who can come for the Tour?

Anyone over the age of 16! (Although we have a slide, it’s unfortunately not for children)

Can I change my Tour booking?

Yes, you can call or Whatsapp our hotline number (+60 10-356 1491), or send an email to

Can I hang out at CO3 before or after the Tour?

Feel free to hang out at the Public Zone before or after the tour!

If you’d like to stay within the Member Zone, just purchase a CO3 Day Pass at the Reception Counter (MYR60).

CO3 Day Pass

What is the CO3 Day Pass?

CO3 Day Pass is a one-time usage pass that allows you to enter the CO3 Member Zone and utilize all open area workspaces for a day.

What are the Day Pass Access Hours?


Check-in: 7.00 a.m. Onwards

Check-out: 7.00 a.m. Next Day

How do I get the CO3 Day Pass?

CO3 members are allowed to purchase Day Pass with member price (RM30) on CO3 app.

Non-members may purchase with the price RM60 / Day Pass from the CO3 Front Desk.

Can I walk-in and purchase the CO3 Day Pass?

Yes. Just drop by during the CO3 Front Desk Operation Hours to purchase and use your CO3 Day Pass.


CO3 Operation Hours:

Mondays – Fridays : 9:00am – 7:00pm

Saturday : 10:00am – 3:00pm

Sunday & Public holidays : Closed


How many CO3 Day Pass can I purchase?

There is no limit as to the number of CO3 Day Passes you can purchase.

Who can use the CO3 Day Pass?

Anyone over the age of 16 may purchase and use the CO3 Day Pass to enter the CO3 Member Zone.

Can I give my CO3 Day Pass to someone else?

Yes you can. We will teach you how :)

Is there an expiry date for the CO3 Day Pass?

Yes! Feel free to drop us a message about this.

What else can the CO3 Day Pass be used for?

CO3 Day Pass can also be used in exchange for CO3 facilities and amenities such as Dedicated Desk and Meetings Room & Event Spaces

CO3 Membership

How do I become a CO3 Member?

You can become a CO3 Member by signing up for a CO3 Membership.

What types of Memberships are there?

CO3 has 4 types of Membership. Social on Demand, Hot Desk Lite, Fixed Desk, and Private Suite.

For more details, you can visit or Book a Tour.

What do I get with my CO3 Membership?

On top of work space, CO3 Membership comes with complimentary Day Passes and other privileges every month.

Is there a lease that I have to sign like when renting an office space?

No, you won’t have to sign a lease, but you do have to sign a Membership Agreement that covers details such as deposit refunds and such (don’t worry, it’s nothing too complicated!)

What upfront payments are required when signing up for a CO3 Membership?

Just 1 month’s membership fee and 2 months’ worth of refundable deposit.

Are there any documents that I have to provide to sign up?

Don’t worry, we won’t do a James Bond-worthy background check on you, but we will need some documents such as your Identification Card or Passport, and company details for verification purposes. (for a complete list of documents required, feel free to contact us)

Can I terminate my CO3 Membership?

Upon giving 2 months’ notice, your CO3 Membership can be terminated and deposit refunded (as according to the terms & conditions in the Membership Agreement).

Events & Meetings

Do I have to be a CO3 Member to book & use CO3 Event & Meeting Spaces?

No. However, CO3 Members do get to enjoy better rates on all Event & Meeting Spaces.

How do I get a quote on CO3 Event & Meeting Spaces?

Contact us on the CO3 Hotline at +60 10-356 1491, or send an email to

How do I book CO3 Event & Meeting Spaces?

Non-members may contact us on the CO3 Hotline at +60 10-356 1491, or send an email to

Members can make the booking via the CO3 Mobile App.

What are the rates for CO3 Event & Meeting Spaces?

Event spaces are based a 4-hour rate, while meeting rooms are based on 2-hour rate.

Contact us on the CO3 Hotline at +60 10-356 1491, or send an email to


Download the CO3 Mobile App to see rates for all Events & Meeting Spaces.

Are CO3 Event & Meeting Spaces open to the public?

Yes, however those under the age of 16 are not allowed into Event & Meeting Spaces within the CO3 Member Zone.

Is catering by CO3 for my event/meeting available?

CO3 does not provide catering. However, we will be more than happy to connect you to food & beverages providers or event planners for all your needs.

When can I hold my event at CO3?


For more information, feel free to contact us on the CO3 Hotline at +60 10-356 1491, or send an email to

CO3 Member Zone & Facilities

Where is the CO3 Member Zone?

The CO3 Member Zone covers 3 floors of CO3 Puchong Campus. Entrance to the CO3 Member Zone is located on Level 2.

Who can access the CO3 Member Zone?

CO3 Members and their registered guests. CO3 Day Pass users.

When can the Member Zone be accessed?

The Member Zone is open to CO3 Hot Desk and Fixed Desk members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CO3 Day Pass users may only access the Member Zone as according to the CO3 Day Pass access hours.

Are there lockers for rent?

Yes. Lockers are located within the Member Zone on each floor.

How do I rent lockers?

Head over to the Front Desk, and check with the CO3 Campus Team on availability of lockers. Select your own locker and get the locker key from us. Rental (30 C-Points/Month) for the locker will be deducted automatically from your CO3 account every month.

Are there any printing facilities available?

Yes. There are business grade printers on each floor.

How do I use the printing facilities?

Simply go onto the CO3 Mobile App to purchase a Printing Package and get your printer ID and passcode.

Address Usage & Mail Management

Can I use CO3’s address to register my company?

Yes. Should you complete the registration of your company, you have to submit your company documents to CO3 in compliance with the regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC) guideline and request from Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ).

(For non-Malaysians looking to establish a company in Malaysia, kindly contact us, we’d be happy to help!)

Can I use CO3’s address as my mailing address?

Yes. CO3 Members may use our address to receive mail/packages.


How do I collect mail/packages delivered to me at the CO3 address?

Should you receive mail/packages at CO3, you will be informed by the CO3 Campus Team.

Can I arrange for pick-up of mail/packages from CO3?

Yes you can. Simply leave your mail/package with our Campus Team at the CO3 Front Desk and inform them of your arrangement.

Can someone else collect mail/packages delivered to me at the CO3 address?

Yes. Simply inform the Campus Team with detials of the person who will be collecting your mail/packages for you. (Such as name, phone number etc.)

CO3 Mobile App

Do I have to be a CO3 Member to download and use the CO3 Mobile App?

No, you do not. The CO3 Mobile App is free to download for CO3 Members and non-members.

How do I use the CO3 Mobile App to make purchases at the CO3 Honor Grocer and pantries?

Select the ‘Scan’ function on the CO3 Mobile App, scan the QR price tag of items, and select ‘Pay’.

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