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Unique Event Space Rental In Malaysia

Google ‘event space Malaysia’ or even ‘event space rental Malaysia’ and what you’ll normally find are hotels and event space providers which are never friendly on your pocket! (If they are, then they’re typically just 4 white walls which come with some tables and chairs.)

How about having up to 7 Insta-worthy event spaces IN YOUR OWN WORK SPACE? Don’t worry if you’re not a training provider or event organiser, you don’t have to be any of them to need an event space in Malaysia!

For those of you who hold events frequently, CO3 Social Office is the perfect work space! Where else can you find an office that can give you the flexibility and variety of 7 different event spaces! And not to mention countless other meeting rooms for smaller-scale events. You’ll no longer have to go through the trouble of searching for event space rental in Malaysia ever again!

Why would CO3 Social Office need so many event spaces in Malaysia? Well, that’s because we believe that events are the key to bringing people together! So if you’ve got beautiful event spaces within your reach and ever ready there for you, who says you can’t throw a great networking event to get the word out about your business? Or organise your very own Founders’ Night with the CO3 Community? Imagine the possibilities that can lead to anything when you meet new people! All that opportunity is within your reach!

So at CO3 Social Office, we’ve poured our hearts into creating and providing some of the coolest, most fun, and multi-functional event spaces, because we know that there are many of you who need great, accessible event spaces, and more importantly, because the events which are held within those event spaces could be the spark to something meaningful for those who attend- where anyone and everyone could meet a potential co-founder, investor, talent, employer, business partner. Because, where people come together, there are endless opportunities.


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