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Not only a typical serviced office provider

Coworking space? Serviced office? the Serviced office providers? Social office? What exactly is CO3 Social Office? Well to start, we’re a work space which has all your business needs and beyond covered!

Whether it’s fast wifi, business-grade printers, meeting rooms, and even covering monthly utilities, you won’t have to worry about any of it. Just walk into CO3, pick your seat, and immediately get started on your dreams! We’re not just a coworking space or a serviced office in Malaysia, we are work life balance at the essence and a community of world-changers at our best.

Where the serviced office providers are here to offer you with basic amenities and facilities, CO3 Social Office does all that too, but way more than you think! CO3 Social Office is 32,400 sq ft of workspaces, providing more than just a desk and a chair, but also dream workspaces like an Editing Hub equipped with an Apple iMac Pro, a Recording Studio jammed with the best of audio recording hardware, a Tech Hub featuring the best of displays like the Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved monitor, and more!

Essentially, CO3 Social Office is way more than a coworking space or theserviced office providers in Malaysia. Why need fast-wifi to reach out to the world if you don’t connect with those around you? We trust that all great things start with people, that’s why CO3 curates the best of events and spaces to help create that spark and connect people!

What can meeting rooms mean if there aren’t world-changing ideas being discussed within? CO3 believes that meeting new people can lead to the exchange of ideas and more importantly, collaboration, which eventually, forms a community of like-minded people. Because, what use can a space be without the community which thrives in it?

CO3 Social Office is the best of office and workspaces, but so much more. We’re all about bringing connectivity, collaboration, and community- we bring the best hardware you expect to find at the premium serviced office in Malaysia, so you can focus on running your business, not your office. We curate the best of events to spur connectivity, and more importantly, we are home to a community of like-minded people, who are equally driven to give our best every single day!



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